• Loop record: choose the time which you would like, if no setting, the video will be record continue in one, when TF card is full, the DVR will stop recording. If you set it to different time, the video will be record in several sections, when TF card is full, the DVR will cover the earliest recorded video to release the space for new video.
  • G-sensor: this function will store video in the collision, the lock video will not be covered, and occupy some amount of memory card, so you need to format the memory card on regularly to avoid the DVR stop recording.
  • Motion detection: under video mode, press menu button to motion detection setting, choose “on” option, when something move in front of the camera, the DVR will start recording, when it outside of the view angle, camera stops work.
  • Parking monitor: for vehicle security, it can still record after parking. There are two points for this function: first, please make sure the car still provide power to camera from Cigar lighter charger, the built in battery only support a little while. Second, please keep enough space on card when you use this function, as all recordings will be locked on card, when card is full, the camera will stop recording.

Restart by pressing shortly on “RESET” button after crash.

This is due to the wrong power frequency, please set it to 50Hz or 60Hz, according to the local power supply current frequency.

Please check the “white balance” function and set it to be automatic.

Scenes with big contrast will influence the automatic exposure function of camera, you can adjust it in menu.

Check if there are any dirt or fingerprint on the lens, and use lens paper to clear the camera lens.

Uncompleted files because of TF card storage error, please format TF card.

  • As the car temperature is very high when outdoors in summer, if large battery, it will be easy to explode. To keep driving safe, the battery of car DVR is produced very small. The build-in battery is for switching device, not the main supply power.
  • Please try not to charge DVR via USB cable from computer, it may burn the motherboard if over 12V power, please add a converter. If camera shows “low battery”, please charge via car charger when using.
  • Please turn on the loop recording in the menu
  • Please format the memory card in the camera before use
  • Please turn off the G-sensor function due to the high sensitivity, it will save many videos which can’t be cycle covered, so the memory card is filled full soon, then it stops video recording
  • Logo: Windyoung can print your company logo on the body/surface of the DVR, if the quantity up to 500pcs, Free printing for you, the order less than 500pcs need to pay some costs for printing.
  • Gift box: MOQ 500pcs, the cost of custom gift box, it depends on the quantity you want and your design

Windyoung will send you a card reader, you can connect a computer with card reader to check the videos or pictures of Micro SD card.

  • 24 hours customer service available from Monday to Saturday
  • 1-3 working days for sample, 7-15 working days for mass production
  • Check if it has power
  • Check if you put TF card yet, or change the card
  • Change the resolution, frames per second
  • Insert the larger capacity memory card
  • Make sure the card has been installed correctly (during the installation process, you should hear a clicking sound)
  • Delete unnecessary files from the memory card to release space

All the car video recorders are very strict with a memory card, they need new and high speed Micro SD card(TF card) Class 6 and above, Windyoung will offer a 16G card and card reader as Gift to you.

Some of Vehicle traveling data recorders with G-sensor function, it will store video in the collision, the lock video will not be covered, and occupy some amount of memory, you need to format the memory card on a regular basis to avoid stop recording.